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We can provide kit in a bespoke package for all your production requirements.

Our stock is held in our warehouse 30 minutes north of Cardiff and can be delivered to any location at any time.

We offer

Drapes                We have a selection of Greens, Blues, Blacks & Greys in various sizes and can order in a specific size/colour and shapes.

Chain Blocks           We hold in stock up to 15m chain blocks but can also provide larger if required.

Truss                  Shadow Riggers can create any size and shape Truss for your production.

Towers                 Any tower up to 8x8m.

Decks                 The warehouse stocks a variety of deck sizes.

Beams                 We can provide 450mm Beams (4/6/8m) and 750mm Beams (2/3/4/5/6m) as well as any size aluminium and galvanised tube.

Kentlidge Blocks         We hold a large stock of concrete ballast and kentlidge blocks.

Motors & Control boxes    250kg & 500kg including control boxes and accessories.  

Fittings & accessories      You name it, we’ve got it!  

*Please note, we do not offer a dry hire service*

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We offer a highly professional and flexible service
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